Introducing a new way to earn.

Parked domains never looked so good.

When you invest in a domain, you expect one thing - a return on investment. Usually, we get that sweet ROI from the sale that evenutally comes in. Now you can earn supplemental income while you wait for that big sale.

Sacrifice Nothing

We Don't Leave Any Money on the Table.

When you put your domain on DynaDomains, we offer you at least a 60% commission on each lease. With DynaDomains, you can lease a single domain to 10, 100, or 1,000 businesses at the same time.

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Seamless, So You Can Sit Back.

All you need to setup a domain with us is to create an account, accept a rate and commission to be paid, and point your domain to our routing engine via a simple redirect.

After that, your domain will be made available automatically (like magic!) to businesses looking to lease them. From there, each lease will pay you more than a parking page ever could.

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Multiple Ways to Earn

Park & Lease With Ease

When using DynaDomains you can earn money in two ways. Parking your domain with us will earn you ad-revenue while also allowing you to still earn with geo-leasing!

Multiple revenue streams at the same time - cool, huh?

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What is in it for you?

How Much Could You Earning?

Domain prices can vary and we want to earn you the most for your digital property. Move the slider below to estimate how much you can earn on a single geo-lease on a single domain. You could have mulitple domains with multiple leases!

$5.99 - $7.93 per lease

Your Domain's Sale Value

*Assuming a 2,000 mi2 lease @ 70% commission. Does not include additional parking revenue or payment processing fees.

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