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Let's face it... Great domains are often unavailable, and eye-wateringly expensive. DynaDomains unlocks their potential for you, so you can use them for your next campaigns and at a fraction of the price you'd expect.... Or anyone else would for that matter.

How does $5 sound?

For the first time ever, you can reserve a "how did they get that" domain at a fixed monthly rate!

How? I'm glad you asked.

  • Find a premium domain on our marketplace for a very cost-effective rate on your next marketing campaign. Reserve a state, city, zip code or just draw your own custom geo-lease so you only pay for what you want.
  • Select your locations to target and DynaDomains works out all the technical wizardry to drive the traffic from your campaign, straight to where you want them to go.
  • Simply Reserve your own custom drawn lease area so you only pay for what you want. It really is that simple.

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Select your premium domain.

Pay a simple, low monthly rate for a domain that is normally out of your price range by leveraging our partnership with domain investors.

Define Your Audience.

From drawing your own custom geo-lease on our map application to managing your active geo-leases and domains, you can do it all from your dashboard.

Start your campaign.

Now you're setup with DynaDomains! Go do what you do best and get the word out about your awesome brand - we will get the traffic where it needs to be.

Push more with your campaigns.

Dot Coms without the Comma.

Our technology offers prices that just cannot be matched anywhere else (that's a guarantee). We pass all our savings onto you, the business owner, so you can make more out of your marketing campaigns.


Doing More.
Spending Less.

Pick a domain, pay the monthly rate, and tell us where you want visitors to go. It's that easy. Visitors will be redirected to your business in the blink of an eye.

We will also attach a UTM parameter so you know who came from where.

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Simple Interface
& Friendly Prices.

It's so easy to draw your own custom area which means anyone using your new domain in that zone will get sent to your website!
Pay for only the geography you need for unmatched rates. Access $50K domains for your market for around $10 a month and cancel anytime, with no commitments.

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Have a domain you think would be perfect for DynaDomains or have a domain you would love to make some extra income with?

With DynaDomains, domain owners earn monthly income. Advanced geo-leasing means you could be earning money from your parked domains right now, at no risk.

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