We Are Reinventing Domains

It's the 21st century. At some point you will need to buy a domain for your business or project only to find out that the domain you wanted has already been bought and is for sale for thousands of dollars.

Dynadomains lets you access that premium domain for fractions of the asking price.

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DynaDomains Patent Pending Technology seamlessly plugs into the existing internet's architecture for the best user experience.

no risk when using dynadomains


Own a domain? Good, lets keep it that way. When you signup your domain for DynaDomains we never take ownership of your digital property.

simple interface to reserve your domain


Using our simple interface simply select a domain and get drawing on our easy to use map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dont see your question here? Email Us @ info@dynadomains.co

How does this work?

DynaDomains' Technology is currently Patent Pending - so we cant exactly tell you that. What we can tell you is that using or service - as a user or domain seller is seamless with the current internet you already know and love.

What can I do with my zone?

Using DynaDomains empowers you to use the super-memorable domain name of your niche for marketing needs and advertising - anyone that seem your advert in your zone will get show your website via a redirect.

You save boatloads in marketing and can use a domain that prior to DynaDomains was too expensive to access.

Who sets the price?

All domains are actually negotiated on a per-domain basis to ensure users are able to afford the domain and also make the use of DynaDomains worth the domain owners while.

I have domain(s) - How do i signup?

Currently, while we are in beta you can get in touch with us at info@dynadomains.co and we can get started onboarding your domain to DynaDomains.

Should only take a few minutes!